Terrible Cause of Divorce

Published on facebook by Julie Rimer · September 17 2016·

I rarely work at the cemetery without our dog, Holly, by my side. Based on the number of women who walk through the cemetery with their dogs, we sure do love our pets. Who among us hasn’t snagged a kiss from our beloved pet? Apparently, that wasn’t as acceptable in 1860. The following article appeared in the Cincinnati Daily Press on March 19, 1860:

“Terrible Cause of Divorce”

“The Louisville, Ky. papers say the most singular divorce case for the most disgusting offense a human could perpetrate was before Judge Logan, of the Chancery Court, a few days since. A husband prayed a divorce from his young wife, alleging that she preferred the tender embraces of a dog to those of her husband and that she was habitually guilty of this horrible practice.”